Monday, 30 November 2015

EW Kradshutzen - 1 December

Honestly, I have a good excuse for not getting any painting done! Actually! I was visiting the mother country (Australia) with my daughter and then watching the cricket. Hey, man cannot survive on toy soldiers alone, right?

So, a little progress made with 3 more bikes getting the treatment. They're just needing some weathering and a little more detailing and I think they're done. A couple of MG bikes thrown in there for good measure as well to balance the whole deal out.

I think the thing that going to take the longest to get through are the riders and crew (as well as the dismounted guys when I get around to them!). Given that I'm going to be painting most of them in Oak Leaf camo and that I'm really wanting to pick out some detail on these, its just gonna add to the process really.

Fortunately, I've had a little practice in doing Oak Leaf... albeit at a different scale!

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