Monday, 16 November 2015

EW Kradschutzen - 17 November

So with the test 'cycle done, its time to move on to the (insert sarcastic tone) funnest part of the process! Assembling all these bad boys and getting them undercoated and ready for painting.

I've decided to paint them in groups of 4 to make things a little easier, but have given myself a head start on the assembly process by getting 8 our of the way.

Don't know what happened with the models, but there was a shitload of flash on these. I hate cleaning flash. But, I managed to get 8 done in about an hour and 3 of them undercoated (with their riders and crew) ready for some paint over the next couple of days. That shouldn't leave much left in the box....

ARRRRGHHH! I am mad!!

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