Monday, 30 November 2015

EW Kradshutzen - 1 December

Honestly, I have a good excuse for not getting any painting done! Actually! I was visiting the mother country (Australia) with my daughter and then watching the cricket. Hey, man cannot survive on toy soldiers alone, right?

So, a little progress made with 3 more bikes getting the treatment. They're just needing some weathering and a little more detailing and I think they're done. A couple of MG bikes thrown in there for good measure as well to balance the whole deal out.

I think the thing that going to take the longest to get through are the riders and crew (as well as the dismounted guys when I get around to them!). Given that I'm going to be painting most of them in Oak Leaf camo and that I'm really wanting to pick out some detail on these, its just gonna add to the process really.

Fortunately, I've had a little practice in doing Oak Leaf... albeit at a different scale!

Monday, 16 November 2015

EW Kradschutzen - 17 November

So with the test 'cycle done, its time to move on to the (insert sarcastic tone) funnest part of the process! Assembling all these bad boys and getting them undercoated and ready for painting.

I've decided to paint them in groups of 4 to make things a little easier, but have given myself a head start on the assembly process by getting 8 our of the way.

Don't know what happened with the models, but there was a shitload of flash on these. I hate cleaning flash. But, I managed to get 8 done in about an hour and 3 of them undercoated (with their riders and crew) ready for some paint over the next couple of days. That shouldn't leave much left in the box....

ARRRRGHHH! I am mad!!

Sunday, 15 November 2015

EW Kradschutzen - 16 November

So, rather than getting all the bikes assembled and ready to go, I decided that I wanted to get one of them painted up in a little bit of a test scheme first. My intention is to have these based as SS Kradshutzen and since I've been getting really good at painting Oak Leaf camo on my Bolt Action SS, I decided to enhance the pain a little.

Here is the first bike, all done and ready for some mates to join him.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

EW Kradschutzen - 12 November 2015

Taken from

So this really is the project that's started this blog really. Next year, I'll be once again playing in the longest running FoW tournament in the world; Panzerschreck. This is typically a 2000 point doubles (1000 each) LW tournament. Next year though, the event will be an EW event and as I dont currently have an EW army, I need to get one done.

Now, I like to take interesting forces to tournaments and games so I thought, why not a Kradschutzen force? How tough could that be....?

Well, over the next year or so, we'll find out.


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