Monday, 7 December 2015

Mix It Up!

So, believe it or not, I don't just paint WW2 figures! Being part of TCOW, I get the chance to play a whole heap of games...mostly because we all have gamer ADHD and cant really stick to one system.

And given the amount of choice we have as gamers these days, why the hell would we?! There are so many new and exciting games on the market, it really is the golden age of gaming!

One of the latest ones to enter my repertoire is Frostgrave from Osprey. This is fantasy skirmish gaming and it really is awesome (he says having not actually played a game yet). You take on the role of a Wizard and his apprentice, hire a heap of underlings and go treasure hunting in the Frozen City of Feldgast.

If you want to watch some games in action, can I recommend you check out Guerrilla Miniature Games on least until I get some games filmed!

This being a painting blog and all, you should take a look at some painting then! Here is, without any ado whatsoever...

Gefuko the Illusionist!

I'm thinking about brightening up the edges on the tunic just so they pop a little more and basing is going to be a lot of fun here. I finally get to use my snow basing kit! Woohoo!!

As always, please let me know what you think. 

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